Allagash Canoeing Adventure & Penobscot Assistant Trip Leader/Wilderness Counselor

About the Job

Assistant trip leaders are responsible for providing support to trip leaders on the Allagash or Penobscot trips. Applicants should apply to either the Allagash or the Penobscot specifically. This position is part trip leader and part counselor. Roles include, but are not limited to directly supervising campers, aiding in trip logistics like food, timing, and packing, assisting in safe decision making, preparing meals in a wilderness setting, setting up campsites, supervising campers, effectively communicating with trip leaders and other staff, and adhering to Leave No Trace policies. Cragged usually hires these positions internally.


-Must be 19+

-Lifeguard certification required (may be obtained after having been accepted for position)

-Able to physically perform and carry out planned itineraries

-Able to carry large, heavy packs/gear

-Be willing to work with children aged 14-16

-Be enthusiastic with a good attitude

-Have strong communication skills

-Be patient and willing to assist and aid campers

-Backcountry backpacking experience

-Backcountry canoeing experience

-WFA or WFR certification not required, but preferred