Wilderness Program

Day and overnight hiking and canoeing trips are central to a camper’s experience at Cragged Mountain Farm. The duration and intensity of the wilderness trips is dependent on the age of the camper and their cabin. The challenge of the wilderness experience progresses as campers grow up from summer to summer, building upon skills learned on trips from previous summers.

Our unique tripping programs put emphasis on healthy outdoor living and teaching integral strengths such as responsibility, self-care, teamwork, camping skills, and leadership in wilderness settings. All campers go on trips in the White Mountains that range between one and three nights every week. These trips are led by knowledgeable, experienced trip leaders who are certified Wilderness First Responders (WFR). It is on these trips that campers learn the necessary skills to enjoy and weather the great outdoors.

Our WFR and WFA certified Trip Leaders hold a high standard of safe decision-making and group dynamics when out in the woods; they are not there to merely complete their trip’s itinerary. They are experienced, supportive and kind teachers who are there to facilitate an incredible wilderness experience for the campers!

If you’re curious about the ranges and waterways we visit, check out some of our Classic Cragged Trips and learn more about the skills we teach while out-of-camp!