Camp Life

Cragged Mountain Farm is located in rural Freedom, New Hampshire on a mountain property of 100+ acres. Campers live in cabins of 5-8 children with 1-2 counselors. The cabins do not have electricity and bed time is shortly after sunset. Camp life, or time spent at CMF when not on an overnight trip, is built around the daily schedule which is posted to the bulletin board on the deck of the Farmhouse first thing every morning. The schedule consists of games and activities led by the counselors and trip leaders. Additionally every day at camp includes a trip to lovely Loon Lake!

One of the best¬†parts about a day in the life of a CMF camper is the fact that their entire day is dictated by a bell! The morning bell awakens campers around 7:00 am. Each event and meal throughout the day is signaled by the bell; the bell alerts campers to gather in front of the Farmhouse, which is our dining hall, and line up by cabin before being allowed to go to their meal or activity. After dinner every evening there is “After Supper Super,” which is a camp wide activity that involves all campers and staff, which could be anything from sports like soccer, ultimate frisbee, or kickball to games like dodgeball, capture the flag, or kick the can. Following After Supper Super there is an assembly of music, skits, or other creative activities. After assembly we take down the flag and CMF unwinds for the day.

See the summer blog for more specific information on in-camp life!

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