Camp Counselor

About the Job

Counselors are responsible for the well being of 4-8 campers. Day to day, they are expected to plan and lead activities in camp, act as support staff on overnight trips, and be responsible for the general safety, development, growth, and achievement of the campers in their care. Counselors are sometimes paired with another counselor, but usually they are the only staff in the cabin.

Counselors sleep in the same cabin as their campers every night of the week. This is a 24/7 support role. There are 2 scheduled hours of break per day and one 24 hour day off per week. Compensation varies based on experience, certifications, and performance (please note that lodging and food are provided for the full duration of employment). Counselors are usually 17+ years of age.

-Prior experience with children or prior summer camp experience preferred.
-Interest in the field of education is a plus.

-Enthusiasm, patience, and a friendly attitude.
-Willingness to work with children.

-Capability to support self plus campers in both camp and wilderness settings.

-Assist trip leader in carrying extra gear relative to campers.

-Lifeguard certification required (can be completed after having been accepted for position).