Camp Cook

About the Job
The Cook is responsible for preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the entirety of the camp. They will have assistance from the Kitchen Staff. Their responsibilities include, but are not limited to, ordering food, having food prepared and served to tables by the designated meal times (7:30am, 12:30pm, and 5:30pm) every day, keeping a clean and organized inventory of food in the kitchen and walk in refrigerator, acting as point person during food deliveries for both the delivery man and assisting staff so that all food makes it into the kitchen, lead cooking activities with campers, and maintaining kitchen safety protocol. The Cook is also expected to help with dishes.

There are 2 scheduled hours of break per day and one 24 hour day off per week. Compensation varies based on experience, certifications, and performance (please note that lodging and food are provided for the full duration of employment).

-Experience cooking for groups numbering between 30 and 100 people preferred.
-Prior cooking employment preferred, but not required.
-Must have strong communication skills.
-Must be a team player.
-Must be willing to work with kids aged 6-15.
-Must be able to lift weights of up to 20 pounds.
-Must be able to work with and direct staff in a kind and considerate manner.