J Staff

About the Job:

Junior Staff are our counselors in training and they are extremely important members of the CMF team. There are 2 scheduled hours of break per day and one 24 hour day off per week. J Staff are usually 17 years old and have attended Cragged in the past.

Day to day, J Staff will be integral in ensuring that everything in Cragged life is running smoothly. They will do chores, they will wash dishes, they will run farm activities with the campers, they will complete property projects under the supervision of Farmer Nick, they will cover cabins on days that counselors have days off, go to the lake with the campers, and act as support staff when on wilderness trips. Our hope is that J Staff will return the following summer to be solo counselors!

-Prior experience with children or prior summer camp experience preferred
-Enthusiasm, patience, and a friendly attitude
-Willingness to work with children
-Lifeguard certification preferred (can be completed after having been accepted for position)
-Participation in the Allagash and Penobscot programming preferred