Josh Parker Summer 2017


My name is Josh Parker and Cragged has been a part of my life since I was 10 years old. I went to Cragged from 1984-1988 and the connections I made there have been a part of my life both at camp and out in the ‘real world’ for most of my life now. Cragged is truly one of the most special and important places in my life.

I grew up in Barrington, RI and now I’m a pediatrician in Redwood City, CA where our motto is ‘Climate Best by Government Test!’ I had so much fun being the camp doctor last year that I will be returning this summer for my second year😃!!!

After having Cragged in my life for so long I was finally able to bring my daughters for their first summer last year (one of them helped me write this) and they’re SO excited for camp this summer!