Long Trail Guides

About the Job

These wilderness guides are responsible for the resupply logistics and medical attention of the group. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, van driving, cooking in a wilderness setting, setting up campsites, wilderness medical care, allowing space for group members to help or participate in trip dynamics like decision making and trail navigation, and adhering to Leave No Trace policies.


-Must hold Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification

-Must be 21+ with a valid driver’s license

-Must have experience leading large groups in the wilderness

-Ability to adapt and make safe decisions in potentially strenuous situations due to, but not limited to, weather and medical emergencies

-Able to physically perform and carry out planned itineraries

-Able to carry large, heavy packs/gear

-Be willing to work with teenagers aged 16

-Be enthusiastic with a good attitude

-Have strong communication skills

-Be patient and willing to assist and aid group members

-Ability to prepare meals for large groups in a wilderness setting

-Have backcountry backpacking experience and leading large groups on these trips