Maddie Chrupcala


Hi, My name is Maddie and I am from Barrington, Rhode Island. My first experience at Cragged Mountain Farm was the age of five years old. I am now twenty and I still feel the magic I felt during my first summer at the Farm all those years ago. Freedom is profoundly significant to me because it represents a place where I have the opportunity to be my true self in addition to teaching me various important wilderness skills. The four-day hike in the Presidential Mountain Range was my favorite trip to go on during my time as a camper. I still remember the feeling of triumph I experienced when we summited Mount Washington on the last day. The unique experiences that Cragged has afforded me foster a deep love for the outdoors that has seen me all the way to Colorado College. I am currently a second year here at Colorado, and I am studying both Molecular Biology and Chemistry. After college I am hoping to continue my education and ultimately conduct research on different genetic disease and possible treatments. Outside of class I volunteer at Memorial Hospital in the Cancer Center and at the Audoban Elementary School in Colorado Springs. I cannot emphasize enough my excitement to be fortunate enough to have another summer at my favorite place in the world and to see all the friendly faces, both new and old, who will be there.