The Allagash

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The Allagash is the first of the big wilderness adventures that CMF offers. When you “graduate” from being a Camper you become eligible to be a ‘Gasher! You must be at least 14-years-old to go on this trip.

Cragged Mountain Farm’s first Allagash trip for 14 year olds took place in 1971 and was led by Dr. Henry Utter’s son Dr. Wilson Utter, who had taken fishing trips to this remote and spectacular region with his father when he was a boy. Since 1971 the canoeing portion of the Allagash Canoeing Adventure has taken place annually and is deeply entrenched in Cragged tradition.

The Allagash Wilderness Waterway itself is a 150-mile “trail” that starts in Allagash Lake and flows north all the way to the St. John River, which acts as a border between Maine and Canada! The CMF Allagash trip, however, starts before Allagash Lake on the West Branch of the Penobscot River. The ‘Gashers navigate the river until they portage into Allagash Lake a few days into the excursion. From there they spend the entirety of the trip on a network of rivers and lakes that flow north to their end terminus at St. Francis on the St. John River. The group paddles for the majority of each day, prepares meals over an open fire, and become a tight-knit, cohesive community while out on the river. All campers who complete the Allagash come home with new levels of self-confidence and capabilities to travel and thrive in the woods. Upon return from the Allagash, a special assembly is held in front of the rest of camp for the ‘Gashers to present tales from their epic journey!

The Allagash is led by WFR certified leaders with extensive backcountry canoeing experience.