The Long Trail


The Long Trail is a 273 mile thru-hike that traverses the entirety of Vermont. Between in-camp preparation and hiking the trail it will be a 5 week adventure. This guided Cragged Mountain Farm trip is being offered for 16-year-olds interested in working at CMF the following summer. That being said, although it is a guided trip there is an immense amount of ownership for these teenagers; on this trip they solidify their leadership and comfortability in the wilderness and start thinking about how they can make an impact on the Cragged Community as potential employees. Apart from future aspirations, the Long Trail is a rite of passage, it is a challenge that past campers put themselves to the test on. Having  spent years as a camper climbing to the tops of the highest peaks in New Hampshire and spending months exploring the wildernesses of Maine on and off the river as ‘Gashers and MWAs, the time has come to adventure in Vermont by walking the Long Trail.

The Long Trail Adventure is guided by two knowledgeable, experienced Wilderness First Responders. These guides are not counselors and the members of this trip are not treated as campers. The primary responsibilities of the guides are managing resupplies and providing medical attention when needed, which allows the teenagers to take responsibility for themselves on the trail.