The Northeast Adventure (15&16-year-olds)

The Northeast Adventure is the trip offered for 15-year-olds. This trip is the culmination of a camper’s wilderness skills gleaned from their experiences at Cragged Mountain Farm; it calls upon skills acquired through all the backpacking, canoeing, and rock climbing trips the Northeasters experienced as campers. To go on this Maine odyssey you must be at least 15-years-old.

First off, this awesome trip includes a 16 day backpacking trip in which the Northeasters will complete the entire 100 Mile Wilderness of the Appalachian Trail (AT), which leads them to Baxter State Park. Upon reaching Baxter State Park the group embarks on a day hike to summit Mt. Katahdin, the northern terminus of the AT. With the backpacking portion of the month behind them, they subsequently prepare to depart for their 4 day canoeing trip down the St. Croix River. After conquering the St. Croix the Northeasters go to Acadia National Park to rock climb, hike, and explore until the end of the session.

The Northeast Adventure is led by experienced, WFR certified, leaders.

Session 2017 Dates Tuition
The Northeast Adventure June 24-July 22  $3,900