The White Mountains, Lakes, and Rivers of New Hampshire


The Presidential Traverse is one of our favorite backpacking trips because it takes campers to the tallest mountains in the Northeast. It is the one of the most dramatic landscapes in the state when walking along the ridge, which is mostly above tree-line. Weather providing, we summit up to 10 peaks over the course of the 3 days: Mt. Madison, Mt. Adams, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Clay, Mt. Washington, Mt. Monroe, Mt. Franklin, Mt. Eisenhower, Mt. Pierce, and Mt. Jackson. This trip is usually taken on by our older campers.


The Northern Presidentials trip gives our campers a taste of the grandeur of the Presidential Range by bringing them to the summits of Mount Adams and Mount Madison, the second and fifth tallest mountains in the Northeast respectively.  This is usually a two day trip and is often a trip for older campers during the first week of camp to reacquaint them with backpacking.


The Western Presidentials trip is a classic trip for our younger campers. It is usually 2 days and follows the historic Crawford Path, a route that has been around since 1819, up to Mount Pierce. Views of the Presidential Range are unmatched on this hike. With Mount Washington looming in the distance, it is hard for our campers to resist showing their awe at the magnificence the range has to offer. 


The Pemi Loop is characterized by backpacking around the ring of mountains that surround the Pemigewasset Wilderness. This trip starts at the Lincoln Woods Visitor Center and then we walk deep into the heart of the wilderness before climbing up the Bondcliff Trail and breaking above tree-line. This is a 4 day trip that includes 11 different peaks: Bondcliff, Mt. Bond, West Bond, South Twin, Galehead Mountain, Mt. Garfield, Mt. Lafayette, Mt. Lincoln, Little Haystack Mountain, Mt. Liberty, and Mt. Flume. This trip is usually taken on by our older campers.



Franconia Ridge is a section of the Pemi Loop, but it also offers up one of the most beautiful hikes New Hampshire has to offer. Over 3 days campers will have the chance to summit 5 peaks: Mt. Liberty, Little Haystack Mountain, Mt. Lincoln, Mt. Lafayette, and Mt. Garfield. Franconia Ridge is one of the regions most popular hikes, and for good reason. A wide range of campers can take on this trip!


Mount Liberty lies just south of Franconia Ridge and is also part of the Pemi Loop. It is a trip with outstanding views that lasts 2-3 days depending on if rock climbing at the summit is included. Our campers summit Mount Liberty on the second day of this trip.


In the heart of the Pemigewasset Wilderness lies an abundance of waterfalls and streams just waiting for our campers to swim in. This is a 3 day basecamping trip filled with hiking, swimming, hanging out, and bonding with your cabin, counselor, and trip leader. There is also the potential to summit Galehead Mountain, although it is more likely that the campers will opt to swim all day (on the second day) instead! This trip gives campers a taste of living in the woods, but is centered around exploration rather than completing a traverse or loop above tree-line.


Ethan Pond is a body of water lying beneath the Willey Range just west of the Presidential Range. Usually 2 days and for younger campers, this trip offers a short hike into the pond where our group camps as well as a hike up Mount Willey the following day before hiking out.


The less traveled Pilot Range lies north of the Presidential Range. It offers tranquility and isolation for our campers who are ramping up the difficulty in their tripping programs. One moment you’re trekking through a jungle-like environment and another you’re looking out over the state of New Hampshire from the perch of Cabot Cabin, a fully enclosed building just below the summit of Mount Cabot, the tallest peak our campers reach on this trip. It is a truly magical place.


The Kinsman Range trip is characterized by camping at Kinsman Pond, a body of water set high in the range above Lonesome Lake, which the campers pass on their first day on their way to the base of the Kinsmans. Weather providing, this 2-3 day trip allows the campers to summit North Kinsman, South Kinsman, and/or Cannon Mountain. It is a great first week trip for older campers to reacquaint them with backpacking!


Squam Lake offers a chance for campers to reacquaint themselves with their dormant canoeing skills. Usually only a 2 day trip, Squam Lake is a great chance to get out of camp to a beautiful New Hampshire lake and still get some time out on the water honing your skills. This canoeing trip is for all ages!


The Androscoggin River is our staple trip for practicing rapids. We take our campers to Errol, New Hampshire where we basecamp for 3 days while running the rapids. This trip also includes a night paddle to a beaver dam for star gazing and constellation identification. This is a great trip for preparing campers for the rapids that they will see on the Allagash and Penobscot adventures.