Wilderness Program (14 and 15 year olds)

Our Wilderness Program is the culmination of a camper’s outdoor experience at Cragged Mountain Farm. These trips allow campers to spend more time out of camp than they normally do; they are able to stretch themselves and spend longer periods of time in the wilderness honing their backpacking, canoeing, and rock climbing skills. At ages 14 and 15 these groups of campers have a choice to make. How do they want to spend their summer adventuring with CMF?

As campers move through our in-camp tripping program we strive to create a program that is best suited to their age, their specific cabin group, their ability, and their personal aspirations.  For this reason when it comes time for campers to participate in the Wilderness Program we gauge what is going to be best for that particular group of candidates. This being said, it is possible that trips will not repeat year after year.

Historically these trips have revolved around weeks spent on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway or on the East Branch of the Penobscot River and an ascent of Mount Katahdin in Baxter State Park. While these are always options for the 14 and 15 year olds, as stated above, they may not be offered every year.