Counselor Hunt & Cardboard Boat Races!!

Monday, July 24th.

Another full day of insanely fun activities! We started off the morning playing Counselor Hunt! Which is when all the staff hide and camper cabins try to find them! Each staff is worth points, varying from -16 to +16. When the time is up the unfound staff emerge and we count up points and announce how many each person was worth and how many points each cabin got!

Next, we started preparing for the Cragged Cardboard Boat Races!!!!! We split up into groups and created boats with cardboard and duct tape. We drove down to Loon Lake to really test the vessels out. Boats were judged on aesthetics/appearance, speed, and how long it could float in the water. One person was nominated from each group to get in the boat and paddle it around obstacles. What fun!!!!

Congratulations to the Scorpion boat for winning!


All Camp Counselor Hunt and then Cragged Cardboard Boat Races!!!!!

Just So You Know…

The entire camp is departing on four-day trips Tuesday morning, July 25th! The most exciting part is that the trips are mixed, meaning cabins and staff are jumbled up! New friends, new conversations, new adventures! We will all return on Friday, July 28th.

There will be no blog posts until we all return at the end of the week! See you then. 


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