All Camp Everything!

Saturday and Sunday, July 21st and 22nd

What a weekend we have had. Being able to be all together and work as a collective group has been transformational. Saturday was full of sun and fun but the rain on Sunday didn’t stop our parade!

A Look At The Weekend

On Saturday we started the weekend off with the traditional Staff Hunt! Each staff member is given a certain value and hides somewhere around Cragged. Campers go around by cabin in search of the most staff. There was a tie after the first round between Wilderness and Cabin 2. So there was a quick showdown on who could find the most staff in 10 minutes. But, as fate would have it ended in a Cragged Tie!

Later that morning we began the annual preparation for SO CRAGGED THINKS IT CAN DANCE! Each cabin created a dance that was performed at Assembly.  Some were slow ballets and others were jamming out to hits.

On Sunday  Campers started the morning off with Sunday morning Assembly. Even though the rain hit, campers started Nosebag Theater! each group was given a bag full of goodies that needed to be intertwined into the skit. The rain didn’t stop the fun to be had in the playhouse and the art barn after. At Assembly, the Nosebag Theater skits brought roaring laughter heard all around the camp. How strange it will be when all of us are gone tomorrow.

Everyone is off on trips tomorrow for the last time! We can hardly believe that its the last week and find ourselves wondering where the time went.




* The video of the dances from So Cragged Thinks It Can Dance will be posted soon, thank you for understanding

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