The Fun Begins!

Greetings From the Farm!

After 11 months of rest, Cragged Mountain Farm is finally waking up and getting ready for campers to arrive! Our staff are all here and ready to play their part in creating a memorable camp experience.

This summer’s staff is made up of 21 individuals who are eager to learn, bond with others, and bring enthusiasm to Cragged. After a three-day backpacking trip and a few camp clean-up days, our team is becoming closer than ever! Check out the hike photos below.

What to Expect From the Blog.

This summer we are giving you an inside look at what our campers do every day! Tune in to this blog for regular updates on camp happenings, like camper activities, outdoor trips, meals, and more! Scan through photographs and read stories about life on the farm.

The best way to stay in the loop and receive updates from Cragged is to subscribe to this blog and follow our Facebook page and Instagram.

Staff Hike Photos


Who’s Behind the Blog?

Hogan Reed is our blogger this summer!


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  1. Scott S. Cole says:

    Have a great summa

  2. Scott S. Cole says:

    Have fun

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