The ‘Gashers

The Journey Ahead.

Our epic group of Allagash campers arrived on Saturday, June 24th and have been warming Cragged up for the past five days! It was great having thirteen additional friendly faces running around camp, contributing to meal conversations, and amplifying our assembly. New staff members got their first sweet taste of what it’s like to live at Cragged with campers and returning staff had a chance to reconnect.

After rock climbing, paddling, and eating a lot of delicious food, the ‘Gashers felt ready to depart on this month-long adventure! The crew left early this morning with happy faces and stomachs, thanks to Tuesday night’s dinner of Cragged ham, roasted potatoes, home-made gravy, and fresh vegetables.

Goodbye and good luck, Allagash 2017! We cannot wait to see you again in July.

The History

Cragged Mountain Farm’s first Allagash trip for 14 year olds took place in 1971 and was led by Dr. Henry Utter’s son Dr. Wilson Utter, who had taken fishing trips to this remote and spectacular region with his father when he was a boy. Since 1971 the canoeing portion of the Allagash Canoeing Adventure has taken place annually and is deeply entrenched in Cragged tradition.

Camper Quotes

What are you most excited about?

“Ever since I started being a camper 8 years ago, I always looked up to the kids on the gash, so I’m excited to actually be having this experience”  — Ben

“I’m excited to get stronger, canoe down rapids, get close with everyone, and have fun”  Sanae 

“Canoeing with everyone! But what I am really excited about is sunset canoe paddles” — Griffin

“I’m looking forward to the fajitas we eat at the end of the day, I love them” — Yoav

“Hanging out as a group and playing games” Emma

“The rapids! And I’m excited to get closer with the group” — Isabelle

“I’m just excited to play manhunt and chill with friends”   Bobby 

“Rapids!! Oh, and I want to see a ‘water moose'”— Winston

“I’m excited for the gash because of the canoeing and I know it is going to be fun! I’m excited to be better friends with the group, too” – Lucy 

“Rapids, because they are fun!”  Bryan

“The wildlife”  — Greg 

“Just hanging out on the river and all the adventures”  Roan 

“I’m excited to spend all of those days outside, away from all the distractions of civilization”  Connor


Now What?

With the Allagash gone, Cragged is quiet again. But there are only three days until summer campers arrive!! And we could not be more excited. Keep your eyes peeled for future blog posts and don’t forget to follow our Facebook page and Instagram.

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