Letter From the Directors

Greetings from the Farm!

We are very excited for camp to start tomorrow! We have been working hard getting everything ready to go to make this summer the best yet. We have an outstanding staff, with many returning from last year. Around 3/4 of our staff were campers at Cragged themselves! There is unbelievable energy coming your way this summer and we can’t wait for you all to see the awesome things the community is up to through social media and the blog.

Every summer our expectations are exceeded as time and time again we are shown how incredible this community is and how much support everyone gives to one another day in and day out. As the enthusiasm for all of the campers to arrive continues to grow, we have been discussing the importance of an experience like Cragged. It seems to be a rare occasion, where our youth get to hang out and socialize in a setting away from technology. Not only that, we are pushing them to connect to others and challenge themselves. Backpacking and canoeing are outstanding settings for this. Not only are we pushing our youth to grow and become leaders, but we have created a safe environment that everyone feels comfortable in so that they can be their own true self. As our media continues to put social pressures on our youth, having a setting away from it all is even more important than it used to be. We teach our campers how to communicate in person and the effects words have on people. We strongly believe that every child should have the experience that we provide for our campers at Cragged Mountain Farm. The growth that we see over four weeks is striking.

This summer at Cragged Mountain Farm we are celebrating our 90th summer! Woohoo! As all programs do, CMF has changed with the times, but we have tried hard to keep the same roots and principles that it was founded on. We believe in keeping many of the traditions that have gone way back to the beginning of Cragged. We know from talking to our alumni that Cragged has been impacting young lives for that entire time, and we look forward to many more!

For those of you arriving tomorrow, we’ll be waiting on the wall, ready to unload your cars, move the campers into their cabins, and welcome you all to Cragged Mountain Farm Summer 2017!

Brian Quarrier, Director and Max Utter, Assistant Director


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