Happy Fourth!

Happy Birthday, USA!

The kids dressed up in red white and blue outfits as they participated in a variety of activities, from hiking mountains to baking a cake in the kitchen! But the real fun happened later at night when we celebrated the Fourth of July Cragged style.


Cabin 7 went out on their first full day hike and climbed Peaked Mountain with Zac!

Woodshed also trekked out into the woods and hiked South Moat with Derek!

Cabin 1, 2, and ZA played ultimate frisbee with Chris in the morning. They were a big group, so the game was way more fun!

Cabin 3 played Exquisite Corpse, a drawing game where everyone’s creativity is combined into one funny image.

Cabin 4 danced around in the kitchen and baked with Maddie! They made cheerio crispy treats and a beautiful American Flag cake…yum!

In the afternoon 1, 2, 3, 4, and ZA all went on a big farm tour with Nick Utter! They walked around the entire property, visited the piglets, and dipped their toes in Cascades.

All cabins reconvened at the lovely Loon Lake in the afternoon!

4th Festivities

What would the Fourth of July be without a Cragged cook out? A beautifully decorated American flag cake? A red white and blue egg toss? A game of capture the (American) flag? Sparklers? And big fireworks being set off in lower lower??

During the past few days the staff convinced campers fireworks could not happen; they were incredibly disappointed. Little did they know, after we all lit sparklers the fireworks would be set off. We all ran to the edge of the hill and watched our very own firework show unravel. The campers were more than satisfied and went to bed so happy.

Happy Fourth of July, campers!


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  1. Seth Toback says:

    What…no sneaking in the cabins at night to paint the campers faces while they sleep? I set the best counsel trap ever in cabin 8.

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