Home is Where the Heart is

Monday Funday

With opening weekend behind us, we all stayed in-camp today and kicked off the week with a variety of classic Cragged activities. We love to go out on wilderness trips, but we also love to stay right here at home and have fun on the property.


Cabin 1 and 2 trekked out into the woods for a morning of fun, lead by the adventurous Sam and George. The boys built a giant lean-to shelter with fallen trees that was large enough to fit all the campers inside — wow! Before returning to camp, the group played two sneaking games, ‘camouflage’ and ‘steal the fire’. And yes, they checked for ticks after.

Cabin 3 & 4 played ultimate frisbee with Chris! They learned how to properly throw and receive the disk and play a full game; the staff were blown away by how talented the kids were. Mid-morning they created cabin flags in the Art Barn with Hogan! Each cabin worked together to create one flag that represents them.

Cabin 7 & Woodshed got groovy and played music with Jenny in the play house. They cracked open the song books and became familiar with our most traditional CMF tunes. Our next assembly is bound to be louder! After music, they played a variety of field games, lead by their lovely counselors.

Cabin ZA started off in the Art Barn with Hogan making a cabin flag! They worked as a team and managed to create a detailed flag out of felt and other materials. After getting creative, they played ultimate frisbee with Chris in lower lower.

Happy Birthday Ahrdy, Cabin ZA counselor!

And of course, we enjoyed an all-camp swim in the afternoon. Loon Lake is just so lovely in July!



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