A Sunny Sunday

To Foss and Beyond!

We woke up to blue sky and sun! And you know what that means, a morning hike to Foss Mountain! Campers stretched their legs, enjoyed their first handful of blueberries, and soaked in the great panoramic views of the White Mountains.

We all quenched our Loon Lake thirst after rest period and spent a full afternoon in the water! Swimming around prepared us for ourĀ traditional Sunday meal (turkey, mash, stuffing, etc.), everyone’s favorite.

Did someone say, dodgeball?? This must have been Cragged’s best game in years, everyone was very involved and loving it. After Supper Super is always more fun when everyone plays!

With swimsuits dripping on clothing lines, clothes thrown in hampers, and Cragged air slightly smelling like sunscreen…we know camp is in full swing! What a fantastic day.


Snippet from the Cragged Mountain Farm Hymn

Thou hast made us strong and sturdy for a life of work and play. Here among these hills and mountains may we learn to live that way.

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