Friday Fun!

Day Seven.

Wow, tomorrow marks the end of the first full week of camp. Where has the time gone!? I guess no one can deny that time flies when you’re having fun! The campers were excited to explore new trails and rivers as they left on their day canoe and hiking trips this morning. With all but two cabins gone, camp was quiet! But small camp means…make your own pizza bagels! Yum.


Cabin 1 & 2 canoed the Ossipee with Zac, Mike, and Brian!

Cabin 3 hiked Kearsarge with Derek!

Cabin 4 played in the kitchen and made s’mores bars! Then their creative minds went to work in the Art Barn.

Cabin ZA hiked Chocorua with Lael!

Woodshed returned to camp from their overnight hike.

Cabin 7 made fairy houses and adventured in Cascades! Then they crafted in the Art Barn with cabin 4.

At the end of the day, all cabins returned safely to camp for dinner and another fun night of activities.



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