Trips In, Trips Out

Thursday, July 6th.

We sent another cabin out into woods as we welcomed back five cabins to camp. For some kids, this was their first wilderness trip — isn’t that so exciting?? We love introducing children to the great outdoors, that is what we do best. 


Cabin 1, 2, 3, 4, and ZA returned to camp!

Cabin Woodshed departed on an overnight backpacking trip to the Western Presidentials with Caroline!

Cabin 7 crafted in the Art Barn, played field games, and went swimming! Then, later at night, they trekked down to Loon Lake to camp out, roast s’mores, and sleep in tents!  

Camper Quotes 

From Cabin 4 during their backpacking trip.

A moment that you felt most proud of? 

When we reached our campsite. 

I was able to hike 3 miles and carry 20 pounds! 

I helped the group have a super fun day. 

A moment that you challenged yourself? 

Hiking 3 miles [with what felt like] a 150 pound backpack! 

Carry everything that needed to be carried. 

What is one ‘first’ you’ve had on this trip? 

Sleeping in my new sleeping bag!

Doing a backpacking trip in New Hampshire. 

Going camping and sleeping in a real tent! 


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