Dry Bags Are Sealed

Monday, July 10th.

The morning of trip departure is always bustling with activity: sandwich making, water bottle filling, shoe tying, backpack tightening, paddle fitting, dry bag sealing, trailer loading, seat belt buckling, and then van tires rolling. Camp is quiet again.


Cabin 1 & 2 departs on a 3-day canoe trip down the Androscoggin River with Caroline! They return Wednesday afternoon.

Cabin 3 goes on a day canoe trip on the Ossipee River with Lael!

Cabin 4 & Woodshed goes on a day hike to Mt.Willard with Max!

Cabin 7 departs on an overnight hike to Ethan Pond with Derek! They’ll be back Tuesday afternoon.

Cabin ZA stays in camp and gets creative with wood, rock climbs, and swims!! They also pack for their trip that leaves tomorrow.


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