The Thick of Summer

Tuesday, July 11th.

It’s mid-July in Freedom, New Hampshire which means it is hot and sticky — we are in the thick of summer, folks! Loon Lake swims are more refreshing than ever and food has never tasted so good. Bring on the heat and fun!


Cabin 1 & 2 are on an overnight canoe trip and will return Wednesday.

Cabin 3 & 4 played music with Jenny (Waterfront Director and music master). They baked delicious snacks in the kitchen and then enjoyed Loon Lake in the afternoon!

Cabin 7 returned from their overnight hike.

Woodshed went on a Loon Lake canoe exploration with Max! Then made colorful bracelets in the art barn!

Cabin ZA departed on an overnight hike to the Presidentials with Zac! Returning Thursday.


From Monday wilderness trips and Tuesday in-camp. 

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