Small Camp!

Wednesday, July 12th.

There is something magical about having Cragged all to yourself, even for a few hours. Today almost all the cabins were out of camp and cabin seven got to have the entire property to themselves! By dinner time, two more cabins returned to camp which made our after supper super game of Salad Bowl way more fun!

Our assembly was one of a kind tonight, we all got into a circle and campers of all skill levels picked up instruments and played. There was no leader, we all played and sang together, it was wonderful. Whether it was the ukulele, guitar, piano, or using a stool as a drum, it was so nice to see campers eager to contribute.


Cabin 1 & 2 return from their three-day canoe trip with big smiles and stories.

Cabin 3 departs on a three-day hike to the Bald Faces with Lael! Returning Friday.

Cabin 4 & Woodshed depart on a three-day canoe adventure on Beal Island, Maine with Derek! Returning Friday.

Cabin 7 enjoys a day at camp being the only cabin around! They created an epic cabin flag! Then went to the lake to relax and swim. The lake was like bath water!

Cabin ZA is in the middle of their three-day Presidential Traverse hike, returning Thursday.


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