Special Day!

SYSSSCO has Taken Over.

The campers woke up and realized an evil conglomerate known as SYSSSCO has taken over the farm and every building is slated for destruction and redevelopment.

The kids meet 90-year-old Nick, a man who has been living at camp since it began. He tells them about a time machine portal he created and how he knew one day Cragged would be in danger and would need reinforcements from the past. Old man Nick gets taken hostage while legends of Cragged’s past emerge through the portal to help. Will Cragged survive? Or will SYSSSCO destroy the property?


Campers worked together all morning to save Cragged from SYSSSCO’s destruction. Through various challenges, the kids managed to help the old man escape and send the SYSSSCO employees back in time, never to be seen again. Cragged was saved!

After the heroic campers rested, we all enjoyed Loon Lake and a big cook out! What a weirdly fantastic day.





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