Jet Plane

Friday, July 14th.

Cold toes at the end of beds and overcast skies tell us that another cold Cragged day is upon us. But have no fear, all campers are moving their bodies while out on trips today! They are either returning from an overnight or out on a day trip. For some, this is their last full day with Cragged Mountain Farm. It’s hard for us to believe that two weeks has almost past…Looks like we’ll be singing Jet Plane tonight at assembly as a farewell to our two week campers. Bring on the tears and hugs!


Cabin 1 & 2 hike up Kearsarge Mountain with Zac! 

Cabin 3 returns to camp today from their overnight hiking adventure. They made a song about it and performed it at assembly! 

Cabin 4 & Woodshed return to camp today from their canoe trip!

Cabin 7 & ZA go rock climbing with Brian at Square Ledge. 


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