Cragged Takeaway: A Parent Perspective

A Parent Perspective.

It takes courage to be a new camper, but let’s not forget the brave face a parent has to put on! Sending your child to overnight summer camp can be nerve racking, so here is one mother’s takeaway on Cragged after sending her daughter to CMF for ten years and watching her step up to staff for another five.

Cragged. Even I got a flutter in the tummy every summer approaching the the top of Swett’s Hill turning left, and the slow down to Camp as it opened up to embrace the car, stuffed floor to ceiling, the one kid, and later two hanging out the window like dogs sniffing the breeze. Squeals, hugs, Utters, campers, counselors, staff, moms, dads; a month of carefully folded camp gear whisked away to hushed dark cabins for their own jumble of time on floor, door and drawer.  5 years old, then 6 and on it went, just like that, the child is gone, arms flung familiar around the shoulders of oh so special friends, so eager for you to go. Barely a look back. That’s OK. I’ll be fine. Knowing you are safe and growing in so many ways. That you continue to grow into the beautiful young women you are. I am thankful. I still get that flutter coming up Swett’s Hill.

— A Cragged Mom

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  1. Cynthia MacCormac Murray says:

    A lovely reflection that resonates with this mother of two — a camper and a Gasher. So grateful that the camp I attended still runs true to its roots, that our children grow here in myriad ways. I scraped my knee on Swett’s Hill in the 70’s, and wear that little scar as a badge of courage. We can hardly wait to hear them laugh, sing and recall their Cragged days back at home, and know they will be so full of happy memories.

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