Rock Wall, Fire Building, and More!

Monday, July 17th.

New skills were learned today, whether it be belaying at the rock wall, making a fire without a match or making a basket out of pine needles. After a day of exciting activities, good food, and a lake swim, sleepy faces were spotted at assembly. Campers jumped into bed as a summer thunderstorm rumbled them to sleep. There is something so comforting about the sound of rain pouring down on our metal cabin roofs.


Cabin 1 departs on a three-day backpacking trip in the Pilot Range with Lael! Returning Wednesday.

Cabin 2 learns the ins and outs of fire making with Will! After campers created their own fires, Will taught them how to make a hand drill fire, using no matches or a lighter, just friction—woah. Later that morning they tie dyed shirts and started to create their cabin flag!

Cabin 3 rock climbed with Derek on the wall! And mastered knots! Later that morning, they learned how to make pine needle baskets with Will! Yes, pine needles.

Cabin 7 tie-dyed shirts and crafted in the art barn! Later that morning, they rock climbed with Derek on the wall.

Woodshed played in the kitchen with Maddie and Tori and baked a delicious brownie cake! Later that morning, they climbed the rock wall with Derek!

Cabin ZA departs on a three-day canoe trip to Aziscohos Lake with Zac! Returning Wednesday.

In the afternoon, as always, cabins went to the lake and enjoyed the sunny afternoon!


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