Fruit Trees at Cragged!

Tuesday, July 18th.

As we watch the Cragged garden flourish, we can’t help but feel excited to eat more of our own fresh produce! Today, campers left their mark on camp and helped plant three fruit trees on the property. Who’s excited for Cragged apples and peaches?! A few more fruit trees will be planted soon. Stay tuned.

Did someone say, Saltine Challenge??? During assembly a few brave campers and staff tried to eat 6 saltines in under a minute. Is it possible? Barely.


Cabin 1 is on a backpacking trip in the Pilot Range with Lael, returning Wednesday.

Cabin 2 departed on a three-day backpacking trip in the Pemigewasset wilderness with Derek, returning Thursday.

Cabin 3 played a variety of games, practiced playing instruments, and worked on their pine needle baskets. Later that morning, they played frisbee golf with Chris and made cyanotypes!

Cabin 7 played ultimate frisbee with Chris! Then played frisbee golf because they enjoyed tossing the frisbee so much! Later that morning (when the sun was out) the kids made cyanotypes!

Woodshed played ultimate frisbee with Chris! Later, they got some dirt under their nails and helped Will plant two apple trees and one peach tree in the lower field! They have left their mark on Cragged.

Cabin ZA is on a canoe trip with Zac, returning Wednesday.

In the afternoon all cabins went to the lovely Loon Lake! The water was the warmest it has been all summer.


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