Cragged Takeaway: Cindy Loo Hoo

Cragged Mountain Farm or CMF as we call it;

How to put such an impacting  experience into words is nearly impossible. At the ages of 5 and 6 my brother and I embarked on a month long stay at Cragged. Isolated in the mountains of NH, sleeping in bunk bed cabins; which unbeknownst to my brother he’d someday have a hand in building. We bathed in the lake; “Where it’s Great!” We sang songs at nightly assemblies, put together skits, cracker eating contests, new counselor/staff initiations, camp fire contests, Freedom Old Home week Parade, nights under the stars and so much more. Sunday dinner with  icecream!!! And all Camp Capture the flag. The polar bear club at cascades!

At the age of 6 if you had told me CMF would be my forever family I would have never believed it!   Now at 45, I’ve hiked the White Mountains in NH, stayed in all of the huts, climbed the Mahoosuc range, canoed 3 weeks on the Allagash and climbed Mt. Katadah as well as so many other adventures.

I worked at camp in many roles in order to be a part of Cragged each summer. At 23/24 I spent my last summer at CMF.

A recent trip back with my son, who was 8 at the time, and my husband. reminded me how magical cragged is. It’s my “Somewhere over the Rainbow”, My “Neverland……Where we never grow up and dreams come true.”

~Cindy Loo Hoo


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