Cragged Pork Tacos!

Wednesday, July 19th.

Small camp means a big meal! Nick and Will, who manage the farm, went above and beyond and made incredible Cragged pork tacos for dinner. The pork was born and bred at Cragged Mountain Farm and was oh, so delicious. There was also fresh mango salsa, homemade mustard barbecue sauce, fresh salad, and other wondrous fillings. We ended the meal by banging on the tables and demanding a ‘cook parade’, which is when the cooks of the evening have to stand up and everyone cheers. What a wonderful night at the farm. Our tummies are happy!!


Allagash returns to camp on Friday!!!!!

Cabin 1 returns to camp!

Cabin 2 is on a backpacking adventure in the Pemigewasset wilderness. Returning Thursday!

Cabin 3 departed on a hiking trip in the Northern Presidentials with Caroline! Returning Friday.

Cabin 7 hiked up Cragged Faces in the morning and canoed at Loon Lake in the afternoon!

Woodshed is on a hiking trip to Liberty Spring with Brian! Returning Friday.

Cabin ZA returns to camp!



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