Buttered Watermelon

Thursday, July 20th.

What a perfect day for buttering a watermelon, tossing it into the lake, and watching campers in canoes battle to obtain it! We love wild mornings at the lake.

The morning activity at the lake tired out the kids, so we hung around camp in the afternoon, relaxed, and played games! The day ended with a delicious meal, loud assembly, and sleepy faces!


Allagash returns to camp on Friday (tomorrow)!!!

Cabin 1 & ZA goes to Loon Lake all morning to have an epic battle with a buttered watermelon! In the afternoon, they played a variety of card games, at their request.

Cabin 2 returns to camp!

Cabin 3 is hiking in the Northern Presidentials with Caroline! Returning Friday.

Cabin 7 played at camp and spent time in the art barn with Lael crafting a long timeline about a fictional adventure!

Woodshed is on a hiking trip to Liberty Spring with Brian! Returning Friday. 


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