Allagash Pig Roast!!

Friday, July 21st.

Today the Allagash group returned to camp from their epic canoe adventure! Their van pulled onto the Cragged grass and campers gathered around and cheered as the sweaty, dirty, grinning ‘Gashers jumped out to greet us! Sun kissed, strong, and excited, the kids leapt into the arms of familiar friends and began to tell us stories from their trip.

To celebrate their return, we had a Cragged pig roast! From 9am to 5pm the pig cooked, then we all feasted and laughed as we enjoyed the deliciously local meal. It was so great to have the Allagash campers around again!

After an intense game of dodgeball, we gave all our attention to the ‘Gashers at assembly. They gave us a glimpse into their trip by performing a hilarious skit, then we all sang a variety of Cragged songs requested by them. At the end of the night, Jet Plane caused watering eyes, wet cheeks, and long hugs.

But don’t fear kids, you will see each other and us again next summer on the Penobscot trip!


Allagash returns to camp!!

Cabin 1 designed a cabin flag in the art barn! Later that morning, they played pit games in lower and practiced music.

Cabin 2 & ZA got primal and built shelters in the woods with trip leaders!

Cabin 3 returns to camp!

Cabin 7 goes on a morning hike with Lael.

Woodshed returns to camp!

In the afternoon everyone went swimming in the lovely Loon Lake!!


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