So Cragged Thinks It Can Dance!

The Most Eventful Saturday, July 22nd Ever.  

Our hearts sink as we realize it is our last full Saturday in camp, so we thought we’d squeeze all the best activities into one legendary day.

In the morning, the campers participated in the all camp Photo Hunt!!! Which is when campers are divided into groups and are given a list with phrases like ‘best awkward family photo’, ‘friend of the devil’, ‘evil’, ‘what’s that in the portal?’….etc.

Each group has one camera, the list, and 2 hours to capture as many of those phrases in photo-form as they can (you have to get creative). Once the time is up, the photos are made into a slideshow for our own amusement. We all laugh and give credit to the groups who took the most photos and captured each phrase in the ‘best’ way.

Later that morning, cabins danced their butts off and prepared for ‘So Cragged Thinks It Can Dance’ 2017. The preparation really paid off! Every cabin’s dance was incredible. Our campers are dance STARS…Don’t believe me? Watch the video below.


Allagash campers go back to their warm dry homes!

All Camp photo hunt!!!! Then So Cragged Thinks It Can Dance preparation!!!! And finally, an all camp swim at the lake.

After Supper Super was ‘Jays and Juncos’…a new game! Campers were either Junco birds or Blue Jays and they had to protect their nest and gather food to survive. Life was easy until predators were introduced! The kids ran around and strictly spoke in bird-language (no human nonsense). The game was an absolute hit!

Assembly was So Cragged Thinks It Can Dance, dance off!!! We all were very impressed.

Video Synopsis


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