Goodbye Campers!

Saturday, July 29th.

This morning was full of long hugs, smiles, and tears…leaving camp is heart wrenching. Staff were spreading love and singing songs as campers were plucked from the wall by their parents. It’s a sad day, but it makes us all think back on the incredible summer we had and the fun summers to come. See you in eleven months, campers!

May Cragged Mountain Farm live on forever and continue to radiate happiness from its roots to its people.


Who’s Behind the Blog?

Hogan Reed was behind the camera and blog this summer!

I loved capturing those blissful Cragged moments. Those moments of complete ease. I just really enjoyed watching the campers have fun, documenting it, and delivering that fun to loved-ones at home.


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  1. Stuart Close says:

    Thank you Hogan for sending us updates and pictures of the kids’ activities at Cragged, what a wonderful camp. I can’t wait to hear all of Bridger’s stories.

    Thanks again,
    Stuart Close

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