See You Next Year

To our wonderful Cragged Community,

Thank you so much for an incredible summer at the farm. The kids, the parents, the staff, and the alumni all fuel the magic that Cragged runs on all year long and for that we are immensely grateful. CMF would not be the place it is without you all.

We often say that every year our expectations are exceeded, but this summer was particularly special. The overwhelming presence of friendship, fun, compassion, and eagerness to learn all contributed to make CMF the place we want it to be. The amount of growth that we saw from our campers was heartwarming to watch. From the White Mountains of New Hampshire to the Allagash Wilderness Waterway in northern Maine to the Long Trail in Vermont, campers had the fullest experience we had to offer. They were taught responsibility, self-care, teamwork, camping skills, and leadership in wilderness settings, which is the essence of our programming. Our tight-knit summer camp offers an experience unlike any other and we’re sure you know exactly what we mean when we say that. It’s hard to put into words how the magic of Cragged continues to impact the lives of everyone it touches and how the best kinds of people gravitate here.

On another note, our dates for Summer 2018 are up! Our classic Cragged Summer Camp, the Allagash Canoeing Adventure, and the Penobscot will all be offered.

It was a pleasure to spend the summer with each and every camper and staff. We hope that you’ll share the blog with your friends and family so that Cragged can become a part of their lives as well. Bring your friends next summer! We’d love to see some new faces. Additionally, there will be blog posts throughout the year, so stay tuned and stay excited! Before you know it you’ll be rolling up to a smiling staff on the rock wall ready to unload your cars, move campers into their new cabins, welcoming you to dear Cragged Mountain Farm. As sad as it is to leave, always remember, we’ll see you next year.

Max Utter, Assistant Director




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