Tripping over Mountains and Seas

This summer Cragged is lucky enough to have such a powerful tripping staff. With experience from across the United States, our tripping staff are full of great stories and tools that enhance life here at Cragged, especially on our trips. We are very excited to get the campers out and onto trails and rivers because we could not have a better group leading the way.

The Crew

For this summer, our tripping staff has expanded beyond our normal 4 person crew! Led by Derek, we have 3 tripping staff as well as 2 counselors that are also trip leaders. Lael, Zane, and Kae will be leading trips with many different cabins throughout the year. Kelsey and Kurt will be cabin staff leading their campers on trips. One of our biggest reasons for an expansion of trip leaders is the growing camper population!

Each of our trip leaders bring unique skills that they have learned from their previous jobs. This allows them to teach and learn from one another. Building on these skills together in an environment like Cragged not only helps them as wilderness guides in similar jobs but allows them to grow as individuals creating lifelong skills that they will use well into the future.


Below is a look inside the tripping shed where our trip leaders thrive!

3 days till the Summer of Dreams!

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