“A part of me always wishes I was sitting in a tent on top of a mountain under a black sky sparkling with stars.”

Cragged Mountain Farm has an impact on you. Whether it’s pushing yourself to accomplish something new or finding a home away from home, it leaves something. This summer we have a great group of campers. We are so lucky to have many campers returning for yet another summer, including one of our 13-year-old campers, Gabi. Below is a quick note about what makes Cragged so special to her.

A Note-

My first year of cragged was 5 years ago.  I was nine years old and dreadfully afraid of sleepovers. Sleeping over at a friend’s house for one night was scary, but a camp for several weeks was unthinkable. The moment I arrived at cragged I could tell that it was a place I would be more than happy to spend several weeks, and would NOT be happy to leave. Every single counselor, trip leader, and camper greeted me with nothing but kindness and excitement for the weeks ahead of us. Since then, cragged has become like a second home to me, and my friends and counselors like a second family.

       I live in New York City, so hiking mountains and canoeing on rivers are not activities I get to take part in other than at cragged. Where I live it is always loud and hectic, and while I love my home, a part of me always wishes I was sitting in a tent on top of a mountain under a black sky sparkling with stars. In the woods, I can find a peaceful silence so different from my everyday life. Now don’t get me wrong, cragged is not always quiet. During assembly before bed, we sing songs. We scream and laugh and play during and after supper super, and we are always talking and laughing with our friends.

       The people at cragged are probably the best part. I have made so many friends at cragged who I am in contact with throughout the year, in anticipation of our month at cragged. Not seeing my friends for a whole year makes every second I spend with them that much more special. Cragged is a place that has become so important to me during the years I have been there, and I cannot wait for this summer (my oldest girls year) to go on beautiful hikes and exciting canoe trips. Being at cragged is an experience that I treasure every moment of and I believe every kid at cragged does too.

– Gabi



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