A Hot Summer Day

Sunday, July 1st. The heat didn’t stop us!

Waking up with sticky skin from the warm night could only mean one thing, a hot day ahead. Nonetheless, we are always happy to see the sun. The excitement for the first full day of camp was felt around the breakfast table.

A Look At The Day

We spent half the day climbing the trail to Cragged Faces. The trail leads us up behind camp to the top of Cragged Mountain. There, campers were able to pick blueberries and enjoy the views from the Faces. The lake was key to keeping cool today. Splashing, jumping and enjoying the sun. Cragged Ball was a hit for After Supper Super and left many of our campers and staff dripping with sweat and smiles. To top it all off, Assembly was even louder than the night before!

After Supper Super

A tradition that has been at Cragged for decades, After Supper Super allows us to release those last bits of energy from the day before winding down with Assembly. It is always played with the whole camp and everyone is encouraged to participate to help create more fun. Cragged Ball is a freeform variation of soccer that allows more players and less. Other games that we frequently play are Capture the Flag, Dodgeball, and Kick the Can.

Happy Birthday Maya, Cabin 7 Counselor! 



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  1. ellen parker (josh's mom and hanna and lena's bubbe(gramma)) says:

    more pictures!!!!

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