Field Games Galore!

Monday, July 2nd. Getting into the swing of things

Today we said goodbye to our Wilderness Group! They drove to the Long Trail in Vermont to begin their 8-day hiking trip. We are so excited to hear their stories upon their return.

 A Look At The Day

Cabin ZA and 10 took to the lower field and played a great game of Ultimate Frisbee. During mid-morning, the two cabins worked on their cabin flags.

Cabin 4 made friendship bracelets and other crafts. After a quick snack break, the cabin played Gaga and Basketball.

Cabin Wood Shed created a cabin flag in the Art Barn. After a quick snack, the group took to the climbing wall to refresh skills such as how to tie knots and basic climbing rules, prepping the cabin for some future excursions.

Cabin 12 and 2 played what was heard as an intense game of Assasin in the upper fields. Cabin 2 then went and created a skit that they performed during Assembly later in the day. They received many laughs from there “10 excuses for sneaking out”. Cabin 12 worked in the kitchen icing cookies for dessert after dinner which were devoured despite the cookies beauty.

Cabins 3 and 7 went to the Top Of the World! ( according to a sign) and Bedie Falls to hike a little and splash around in the cool spring water.

All Camp swim this afternoon! It is always a blast to have everyone down at the lake enjoying the cool water. After Supper Super was a game of Dodgeball. Pelts, high flyers, and whizzers were not laking tonight!





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