Off on Adventures

Tuesday, July 17th

The skies opened and the rains came, but not till after our trips had set off for their journies. We enjoyed the cloud that settled around us in the evening.  The quiet of just one cabin in camp could only mean that many of our campers were off having a blast somewhere in the wild.

A Look At The Day

Cabins 3 and 7 set off to Hermit Lake to explore the area below Tuckerman Ravine. They will spend one night there and then return tomorrow.

Cabin Woodshed went to tackle the Great Gulf Wilderness. Tomorrow they will be summiting Mount Madison and enjoying the views from the top on a clear day.

Cabins 10, 12, and ZA set off for the Aziscohos Lake in Maine where they will spend the next few days paddling and enjoying the grand views from the water.

By 10:30am Cabin 2 had the camp to themselves. To try and avoid the thunderstorms, they went to the lake in the morning and used the time in the afternoon to do some leather work with Zane. Wednesday they will be off to 13 Falls to spend time in the Pemigewasset Wilderness swimming beneath waterfalls.



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