Last Day of Camp?!

Friday, July 27th

How could it be! We have reached our last full day of camp here at Cragged Mt. Farm. After a week of being poured on in the White Mountains, we had a wonderful sunny day, till getting back from the lake when a giant thunder and lightning storm hit! What would be a day without rain this week

A Look At The Day

We started the morning off by cleaning cabins after the explosions that seemed to have happened after this week’s trips. Packing up came after that took the first half of our mornings.

To bring up the mood we finally had the chance to do Cardboard Boat Races! There were 5 separate groups, each got a set amount of supplies and cardboard and had an hour and a half to make their boats. The vessels were to be judged based on 3 criteria; speed, aesthetic, and floatation.

After Rest Period, we took the boats to the lake and the races began! Though only one boat was able to make it around the whole course to complete the speed event, many were able to participate in the floating competition. It was a rough battle, campers sinking slowly on soggy cardboard, but allas, the overall winner was The S.S. Fergelicious!

” I can’t wait to see my parents, but I don’t want to leave!”  is heard frequently around camp today. With such a mix of emotions, Assembly was filled with some of our tearful favorite songs belted at the top of our lungs.


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