Happy Fourth Y’all!

Wednesday, July 4th. Happy Birthday USA!

Celebrating The Fourth of July in Freedom, NH is always a blessing. Campers were dressed in red, white and blue getups and happy to spend the day in the sun doing activities. What would be a July 4th celebration without some late night festivities?

A Look At The Day

Cabin ZA and 12 returned from their overnight hiking trips with many stories to tell. Views from the top and cool spots by the river filled with laughter. They also brought wonderful photos to share!

To start the morning off… 

Cabin 10 prepared a skit about their counselor, Cora. Won’t she be surprised when she returns from her day off.

Cabin 2 made a cabin flag to hang prominently outside the cabin.

Cabin Woodshed Played pit games! Specifically some basketball, gaga, and tetherball.

Cabin 4 participated in some gaga and gossiping over gimp. They could sell products on Etsy with the number of gimp chains they are making!

Cabin 3 and 7 conquered the climbing tower with Kurt. Everyone was able to complete at least on side of the wall!

After our morning snack…

Slip n Slide!! Lael set up an awesome slide down one of our lower hills and the campers crushed it. Soaping up and hosing down the slope was a good way to keep cool and clean off the campers.

Loon Lake was a great way to greet our cabins that were out on trips and what would be a day at camp without a good swim at the lake!

Fourth Festivities…

We celebrated the holiday with a cookout for dinner. Hotdogs and hamburgers and everyone sitting together telling tales of the summer thus far.  For After Supper Super we had an egg toss! Red, white, and blue eggs flying through the air, crashing into bodies. After bells, we lit up the warm dark night with sparklers and a few fireworks. Another stellar fourth spent here at the Farm.





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