Sprout Ball for All

Thursday, July 5th. Another small camp

Campers spent the day doing various activities all around camp getting to know the land a little better than before. A Natural Web wall has been set up in the farmhouse for campers to write questions or comments about things they see around camp! We are so excited to see if any curious connections form!

A Look At The Day

Cabin 10 set off early this morning for Crag Camp. A great shelter just below the summit of Mount Adams. We will see them back in camp tomorrow!

Cabins Woodshed and 4 went to paddle Squam Lake! After practicing their paddling skills yesterday they were ready to take on a bigger adventure.

Cabin 2 departed for Liberty Flume with Derek. The cabin seemed excited to get out on the trail.

Cabin ZA spent the morning with Max at the climbing tower. Then they went and prepared a skit that will be performed Friday night for the whole camp. Loon Lake came in the afternoon.

Cabin 12 prepared skits with Lael, costumes and wigs galore! Then they went to the climbing tower and scaled the roots.  Diving, swimming, and floating for an afternoon at the lake in the cool water.

Cabin 3 was with Lael creating a skit for the cabin to perform. For the warm morning they spent time splashing at the lake.

Cabin 7 went on an Arts Adventure! To cool off  they went with Cabin 3 to Loon Lake. In the afternoon Cabin 7 went on a romp around camp with Will, exploring all the hidden gems that Cragged can offer.

Our Wilderness Group has passed Camel’s Hump! We look forward to seeing them on Monday from their Long Trail Adventure. They were able to send a few photos which is such a treat!

After Supper Super was another game of Sprout Ball! the kids had a stellar time poping up and down from the grass.  Another small assembly filled with roaring voices closed another great day.


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