A Fantastic Friday

Friday, July 6th. What a way to end the week!

It rained! though the air was still warm the morning showers made it a little more comfortable around camp. A quick relief from the suns rays.

A Look At The Day

Cabin 3 and 7 took off for Hedgehog Mountain for the day. The group was bouncing around camp in the morning ready to go on the adventure!

Cabin ZA spent the morning creating characters and learning the world of Dungeons and Dragons with Ahrdy. What would your character be? In the afternoon the cabin went down and cleaned up Cascades and made it a nice little pool.

Cabin 12 finished up their Cabin flag in the morning and then went and made desserts in the kitchen. Smashing graham crackers and creating smores pie for a post-lunch treat. They went down to Cascades in the afternoon for some fairy house building and cooling off in the stream.

Cabins Woodshed, 4, 2, and 10 returned in the afternoon with glowing faces. We are so happy to have all the cabins back in camp for the weekend!

Assembly was filled with laughter from our many performances. The playhouse was full and bustling again and some Cragged favorites were requested.




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