Cragged World Cup!

Saturday, July 7th. All Camp All Day

A cold night led to a fantastic warm day! Spending the whole day as the entire camp made camp feel homey and comforting. We celebrated the World Cup the only way we can around here… by creating a Cup of our own!

A Look At The Day

Our morning was spent playing Cragged World Cup! Campers were divided into teams and were asked to create team names, uniforms, and celebration cheer. The costume box was opened and silliness ensued. Wigs on heads, funny shoes on feet, we were ready to begin the tournament!The teams were The Leeches, Cold Brook Crusaders, Zombie Corperation, The Kardashians, Laser Eyed Dolphins, Gentle Pandas, The Unies (unicorns) and What’s Our Name.

Each team played three games and the teams that won the most were moved forward to the semi-finals and finals.  The games were intense and filled with excitement. Sitting on the hill to lower lower was the lively spectators, cheering on teams as they competed below. The semi finals were The Leeches vs. The Unies and Laser Eyed Dolphins vs. Cold Brook Crusaders. The exhilerating final match was The Unies vs Laser Eyed Dophins… The Unies took the W!

In the Afternoon we had an all camp swim at Loon Lake. A group of campers swam across the lake, battling the small waves from the wind. We just can’t get enough of the sun and the glorious water! After Supper Super we played a massive game of Sardines.


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