Stop! Cabin Time!

Sunday, July 8th. What a day!

Today the cabins spent time in the morning working on activities with cabinmates, laughing and learning new skills together. Packing for trips was also in the mix, which makes the camp buzz with rumors of where your next trip will be. We squeezed in the all-camp photo in the morning and cabin pictures at rest period. We cannot wait to see how they turn out!  On top of all of that… the Wilderness Group is coming back tomorrow!!

A Look At The Day

Cabin 10 went on an excursion with Will for some Ornithology! They did some bird sits, listening to the sounds and conversations of the birds around them. They also went searching for the nests and the placement of new trees on the property.

Cabin ZA played a game of Hunger Games facilitated by Ahrdy. They searched around camp for water, game pieces, and eventually a prize. Later that morning they went and continued playing their Dungeons and Dragons game.

Cabin 12 finished making their cabin flag in Arts and Crafts. After they finished that up, they went and played some field games and made bracelets.

Cabin 2 investigated shelters in the upper fields and woods with Sam. Searching for things to help them build their own shelter. They found Derek later that morning and climbed the climbing tower. Each of them tired to reach the top of the hardest root!

Cabin 4 and Woodshed prepared a skit that they performed that evening at Assembly. The plot consisted of locking away campers, a magical counselor, and some killer costumes. Later that morning Cabin 4 went to the Arts and Crafts barn and got crafty. Woodshed went and played some Pit Games, which led to an intense round of knockout!

Cabin 3 and 7 practiced their musical skills with Maya, Ruby, and Wils to start their morning, many even began to pick up the ukulele! Next Cabin 3 went and created a cabin flag to hang in the cabin. Cabin 7 continued to play music and card games in the playhouse, a good use of the space.


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  1. Jeroen says:

    Great write-up, as always – but what were cabin 3 and 7 up to yesterday?

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